• Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Dear Readers,

Hope everything has been well with you and your loved ones. The world has not been the same since the pandemic started and our thoughts and prayers goes out to those, who were impacted by this. Not just physically but also financially.

We have seen many business (online and brick and mortar), closing the shop and leaving their respective industry due to the lack of cash flow and demand. Many of our valued family members also ended up postponing/terminating their projects, for the same.

This is the time to stay vigilant and maximize each and every single opportunity.  Here are Nexus Bytes, we are doing the exact same thing. Over the last couple of months, we have introduced many exciting products, additional value proposition for our family members and we continue to focus on improving our overall business and brand image.  This email is all about letting you know about some of the exciting changes we are/have implemented, to make your experience better.

> VPS hosting:

> Geographical changes:

Nexus Bytes, Tokyo, Japan

  • Sun setting Utah
  • Konichiwa the land of Rising Sun, Japan.

Why are we making this decision?

One of the core reasons behind us launching Utah was to offer an optimal connectivity option to our friends in North East part of Asia.

Unfortunately, the network was very bland per our own standard. While we have tried to work with the Data center to improve overall quality of connectivity, it wasn't still what we were satisfied with. This also resulted in lower customer demand for the location. So internally, after multiple discussions, we chose to continue with our focus on offering optimal Connectivity to our North Eastern Asian userbase and we are removing Ogden, Utah from our portfolio, while adding Tokyo, Japan.

This decision was made based on 2 simple factors,

  • Keeping the same operational overhead
  • Improved coverage and user experience within the APAC (Asia Pacific) region.

So, is this an expansion?

While some may say yes, we say No. This is an optimization for us, as we kept our location count and business overhead the same, while increasing our brand value Proposition.

So, no specials?

Hmm. Not saying much, but October 1st ????.

Why Tokyo, Japan?

Tokyo, Japan home to on of the Asia's most diverse and large digital ecosystem, with many network and cloud service providers, as well as major internet and peering exchanges. Due to its geographical positioning and awesome peering, Nexus Bytes Tokyo, Japan location is an optimal location for those, who seeks fast and optimal, yet affordable connectivity and hosting solution within the North East Asian connectivity.

Tokyo, Japan will be available to order by our new and existing family members, starting October 1st.  Following services will become available immediately: Premium VPS & vDedi.

How does this impact you?

  • If you have an active service in Utah, we will start migrating your services to LA, starting September 25th. Your IPv4 address will remain the same while your IPv6 subnet will be renumbered. You might notice brief downtime, that shouldn't last for anything more than 30 minutes
  • Should you choose to continue your service in LA, there won't be any changes to your plan.
  • If you prefer us to migrate your service to another USA location, please open a ticket and that would be a seamless process as well and will result in IP change.
  • Should you choose to Migrate over to one of our APAC (Asia Pacific) locations, your plan will be adjusted to our standard public offerings, based on your current service renewal amount.
  • Should you choose not to continue, please reach out to us by 27th of September to request refund and cancellation.


> Introducing Nightly Backup:

For your peace of mind, on top of our "Free Nat Backup VPS", we are also introducing nightly, self restorable automated backup option, for a minimial fee, for your premium VPS and vDedi product lines. 

Initially, this will be available on the following locations - NYC, Miami, Germany and UK starting the 10th of October. Additional details will be announced 48 hours before the launch date. LA is scheduled for mid Q4.

No ETA for Singapore or Tokyo as of now.

> New Family Perks:

Free Directadmin personal license for all our vps product line. Available to both new and existing family members :). More details here: Nexus Bytes Family Perks.

> Web and Reseller hosting update:

  • As promised, Singapore location is open for our current and future Web and Reseller hosting clients.
  • For your peace of mind and comfort, we have Implemented self-restorable nightly backup (rotates every 48 hours) for our Web and Reseller hosting family members. (Not applicable to the Free hosting product line). Backup restore option is available under extra feature with in your Directadmin management panel.

> Internal process changes:

  • Much anticipated Nexus Bytes Blog is scheduled for launch on October 10th. Do follow us on twitter to stay updated.
  • Standard setup time for orders placed in between 10 AM - 11 PM EDT has been reduced to 60 minutes.
  • Updated internal process and escalation handling to ensure faster ticket resolution time.

Thank you for your continued support and kindness and thank you for being a member of the Nexus Bytes Family. We are always looking to improve our service and offerings. If there's anything you would like us to do differently, or any additional services, you would like us to offer, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via Facebook, Twitter , contact form or snail