• Sunday, August 16, 2020

Dear Family Members,

The COVID-19 situation globally has caused many countries to go into lockdown with massive travel restrictions. However, here at Nexus Bytes, COVID-19 ain’t stopping our world domination plans! Today, we are pleased to announce that Nexus Bytes has finally landed on the Asian continent, on the sunny island of Singapore!

Singapore Datacenter

The name Singapore is derived from “Singapura”, which means Lion City in Sanskrit. Legend has it that a prince from Sumatra landed the island several hundred years ago and saw a beast, which an uninformed aide said was a lion, so the prince named the island Singapura!

Unfortunately, according to science, lions only exist on the African continent, but tigers are plentiful (or at least they used to be until the poachers came) in the jungles of Southeast Asia. So, Mr Sumatra prince was duped and the mistake continued to this day. Singapore is also known as a tiger, though. Once a British colonial trading post, today Singapore is a thriving global financial hub and has described as one of Asia's economic "tigers".

Singapore’s networks are also particularly well-connected in the Asian region. Many of our Asian family members have requested us to consider setting up an Asian base to significantly reduce latency when accessing their servers from their home countries. Today, we are excited to announce the 7th Nexus Bytes location: The Lion City, Singapore.

The following product lines are available to deploy in Singapore, effective immediately :
- Premium KVM VPS
- vDedicated Server

To celebrate our Singapore launch and our 4th birthday (yes, we are turning 4 in less than 10 days), we got some exciting promotions for you:

  • HelloMerLion: 25% discount on our SG Servers: Total usage: 25
  • IMissedOut: 15% discount on our SG Servers + 15% Bandwidth Bump: Total Usage: 35

End date: August 31st, Monday

Something special for our birthday :)

  • Site Wide 15% discount on any product till the month ends : Birthday4
    • Valid for new orders and plan upgrades.
    • VPS-0.5G plans are not eligible.

Valid till : September 6th, 11:59 AM

To celebrate our birthday, we are throwing a Pizza Party. Would you mind joining? This could be our dirty little secret ;)

4 lucky winners every 12 hours. 1 Personal pan pie + Up to 3 topping/winner. Please Opt-IN here :)

End date: August 18th, Monday, 11:59 PM EDT.

Last but not least, thank you for being a member of the family and continue to support us and showering us with your love! We can never thank you enough for your continued business. Thank you!

On behalf of your Nexus Bytes Family,
- Jay