Repartition/Resizing your VM Disk Space

If your VPS isn't showing the right diskspace or you need to repartition your storage,  please follow the instruction below :

ogin to your VPS Management Panel ->

->VPS Configuration

->Change Boot Order : 1)CD Drive 2)Hard Disk

Mount gparted-live-1.0.0-5-amd64.iso

->Power OFF your VPS

->Start Your VPS

->Connect to your VPS via VNC

->Select "Gparted Live (Default Settings)"

->Don't touch Key Map

->Type in the number associated to your default language (i.e 33 for US English)

->Which mode do you prefer : Type in 0 and hit Enter.

->Wait till you see something similar to this :

->Select you mounted disk partition, in my case /dev/vda1, select "Partition" from the menu above and select "Resize/Move" :

P.S: In this section, you can also create custom partition, format your hard drive, change file system and much more. Lookup Gparted Documentation for more details :).

->We will configure this VPS to use 1 disk to it's full extent, so my "New Size" will reflect "Maximum Size" and I should have 0 unused space. After that, select "Resize/Move"

 ->Click the Green Arrow on top to confirm. click Apply once prompted :

->Click on "Gparted" menue->"Quit"

->On the next page, select "Exit" by double clicking the Red exit button.

->Shut down.

->Go back to your VPS Management Panel->VPS Configuration->Change boot order to "1)Hard Disk 2)CD Drive" and start your VM.



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