Switcher Special and Contract Buy Out Guidelines

Contract Buyout Special:

Want to snag that Nexus Bytes hosting offer really badly but you paid annually for a hosting plan half a year ago and now you can only drool at our offer? With our contract buyout special, you can now wipe that drool off your face.

Here’s the deal: Purchase a Nexus Bytes Premium VPS plan on annual payment terms and we will provide service credits for the full amount for the remaining term of your current hosting plan or up to 4 months worth of service, whichever is the lowest. Must be active with the current provider for at least 2 months.


Considering switching to Nexus Bytes? Our Migrator Special sweetens the switch: Pay two quarters, get 1 months free. Pay a year, get 2 additional months free (that’s as sweet as it gets). Must be active with the current provider for at least 2 months. 

How To Redeem Switcher/Contract promo: 
After you place your order with us,

1) Open a ticket titled "Switcher/Contract Buyout Special". This must be done within 7 days of activating your initial service with us.
2) Upload a screenshot showing your current active service (From your current provider's client area)
3) Upload a screenshot of the most recently paid invoice
4) Within 14 business days, upload the service cancelation confirmation screenshot from your current provider
5) Within 14  businesses days of your initial Nexus Bytes service activation, upload a screenshot of the previous products status showing it was canceled.

Once we have verified your documents, we will manually extend your service accordingly and will notify you by responding to the ticket.

Please note the following:

 1) The date on the service cancelation screenshot from your current provider must not be before the date you placed your order with us.

 2) Both Switcher and Contract Buyout Special can be enjoyed by both new and existing customers. However, they can only be applied to new orders, not existing services. Service with existing provider should not be canceled before your Nexus Bytes service is activated.

4) Only one reimbursement per new active service.

3) Promo plans aren’t eligible, unless advertised otherwise  

4) Only following plans are eligible for the Switcher/Contract buyout (without any promo coupon usage) :

  • VPS-1G and above
  • Budget-2G and above
  • vDedi : Any.


Last updated : September 9th, 2020.

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