Family Perks - Because, family matters!

Here at Nexus Bytes, you are not just a customer. You are a part of our Nexus Bytes family. As a dear member of our family, you deserve special treatment simply because we are family. It’s just the right thing to do.

Please note: Unless stated otherwise, promotional plans and discounted plans aren't eligible for family perks.


All Nexus Bytes family members get:

  • 24/7 Personal support provided by a nice, actual human being. We have nothing against A.I. or automated support, but we just don’t think that we are ready to call robots family yet.

  • Additional, recurring 5% discount on any new orders. (Including promos!!) with promo code : FamilyFirst

  • A free Webhosting starter plan. Yes. Free. No strings attached.


Nexus Bytes family members on NVMe VPS-1G + services will get additional:

  • A free offsite NAT backup VPS. Yes. Free again. Simply because we want to make sure our family members do not suffer catastrophic loss even in the almost impossible event of our datacenter burning to the ground. We take no chances. Ready to claim yours? Please open a sales ticket and we will get you started! Please note: This is only available with annual commitments.

Nexus Bytes family members with VPS or reseller services will get additional:

  • Free Blesta billing software (Linux only). Yes. Free yet again.

  • For reseller pool : 1 License per 2GB RAM.
  • To redeem:
    • Ordre here with the coupon code "FreeBlesta"

Free CWP Pro Control Panel

  • All current and future Nexus Bytes Family members who own a VPS-1G plan and above, Budget-2G and above, any vDedi plans and Pool-2G plan and above get one CWP Pro license activated by default. No need to open a ticket! Ready to install? Here is a quick start guide, only for you!

Free Direct Admin Personal License

  • Not really sure if CWP pro is what you want? How about industry leading Directadmin Control Panels personal license to easily setup and manage your VPS like a pro? No need to open a ticket! Ready to install? Click here to get started :).
  • Use Code : DAFamilyPerks
  • Following Plans are eligible: 
    • VPS-1G and above
    • Budget-2G and above
    • vDedi - Any
  • Your license will be upgraded to standard instance for free as long as you maintain any of the above plans with minimum 2GB RAM or more.

Nexus Bytes family members  paying annually for VPS services get additional:

  • Free Windows server 12 or 19 Standard Edition license (Please open a ticket to redeem).

    • Minimum requirement : VPS -2G or above.

    • For reseller pool : 1 License per 2GB RAM.

Watch this page for more updates to the family perks as we figure out what else we can offer to our precious family. It doesn’t matter if you have been family for years or for a day. As long as you are family, you deserve all the perks you qualify for.

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