Nexus Bytes - Tokyo, Japan launch special!

Dear Friends and Families,

Hope is all is well. Today, the fine first day of October, we (Nexus Bytes LLC) are happy to announce that our Tokyo, Japan location is officially open for business!

Nexus Bytes, Now in Tokyo, Japan

Why Tokyo, Japan?

Tokyo is home to one of the Asia's most diverse and large digital ecosystem, with many network and cloud service providers, as well as major internet and peering exchanges.

Due to its geographical positioning and awesome peering, Nexus Bytes Tokyo, Japan location is an optimal location for those, who seeks fast and optimal, yet affordable connectivity and hosting solution within the North East Asian connectivity.

It's time for celebration:

To celebrate the launch of the TOKYO location we are offering DOUBLE storage and DOUBLE BANDWIDTH for our Tokyo location.

- Double Storage when you pay for 6 months or more
- Double Monthly Bandwidth when you pay for 12 months or more.

For example from our Premium Asian KVM VPS range


With 6 months commitment:


- 1 x vCore @ Ryzen 3.5Ghz (fair share)
- 1GB Ram
- 30GB Disk
- 250 GB Bandwidth Transfer @1Gbit
- Lots of free goodies.
- $21.60/6 month. ($3.60/mo)
- Use code: DoubleMeUp
- Order and configure here

With annual commitment:


- 1 x vCore @ Ryzen 3.5Ghz (fair share)
- 1GB Ram
- 40GB Disk
- 500 GB Bandwidth @1Gbit
- Lots of free goodies.
- $38.40/year ($3.20/month).
- Use code: DoubleMeUp
- Order and configure here


For existing Nexus Bytes Family members, with any paid active service, an additional, recurring 5% discount available on any new orders with promo code : FamilyFirst

Offer terms:

- New Orders only.
- Only valid for orders placed for Tokyo, Japan location.
- Applies to both "Premium VPS and vDedi product line"
- Annual commitment required (If one combines with Contract buyout, that can easily be up to 6 months of free service, on next renewal!!)
- 1 Redemption per account.
- Credit will be applied once the order has been paid for and activated.
- Can be combined with our Switcher Specials and Contract Buy Out:
- Plan are nontransferable.
- Not applicable to future resource upgrades once the promotion is over.
- Limited Stock.

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