Daily backup: what it is and how to use

You were smart and you care about your data, thus you chose to opt-in for our daily offsite backup addon. Congratulation on making the right decision!! 

  • So what is "Daily Backup"?
    • Our Daily Backup Service is a subscription service add-on that automatically performs daily backups of your VPS. It’s affordable, easy to use, and provides peace of mind. In an event when something do happen to your VPS (either a catastrophic hardware failure, admin error on your end, corrupted update from software vendors etc.), you can easily restore your service back to it's previous working state, with just 3 clicks!
    • As of now, daily backup addon is only available with our Premium and vDedicated server plans.
  • How long do you keep these backup? 
    • Once activated, 5 most recent backup are available at any given time and they are accessible within the control panel.
  • Can I manually take backup as well?
    • Definitely! That is actually the right thing to do, before performing any major update/upgrades! 
  • How do I access my backup?
    • Once you have logged into the client area and accessed your VPS management panel, navigate to the "Backup" tab.

Nexus Bytes Daily Backup

  • How do I restore my backup?
    • Under the "Action", next to the backup, there's a "reverse icon", click that icon next to the backup you want to restore.

Nexus Bytes Restore backup


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