How to add additional resource/upgrade your plan?

So your project is picking up and it is time to scale up? We make the process super simple!

  • Access your VPS Management Panel
  • Navigate to the service you would like to upgrade
  • On the right hand side, under "Actions" click on "Upgrade/Downgrade options"

Nexus Bytes Custom upgrade

  • On the next page, you can customize and add additional resources.

Please note:

  • Changing followings doesn't have any impact:
    • Region: To migrate your location, please follow the instructions shared here.

    • Operating System: To reinstall, please follow the instructions shared here.

  • After upgrading your resource, please wait for the upgrade confirmation email. Once you have received your confirmation email, please power your VPS off, wait 10 seconds and power it back on. Voila! It is that simple.
  • While we don't anticipate any data loss during upgrade, it is always recommended to take backup before making any kind of changes. Do you know, you can add daily and on demand backup for a fraction of your overall service fee?  Read more about our awesome daily backup option!
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