Difference between Nexus Bytes Entry/Inter, Premium, vDedicated and Storage VPS

So which plan is right for me? Nexus Bytes Budget, Premium, vDedicated and Storage VPS, what are the difference? This is probably one of the most common sales ticket we receive on a daily basis. 

The goal of this post is to give you a short, simple and easy answer, which should help you chose the right product. We believe in honesty and transparency, and we will be brutally honest about the service expectation here.  :).


  • Storage VPS:
    • As the name says, VPS, meant for storing backups. Big disk storage vps, powered by raid protected storage blocks, meant to be used for storing file backups (ideally via SCP/FTP or similar protocols). This is by no mean a "cheap big vps" that should be used for e-mail server, database server, seed box or anything that requires heavy constant disk hammering. This is supposed to be your safe heaven, bunker for your contents. At the time of disaster, this is where you come to recover your precious content and bring things back to normal.
    • If you require bigger storage for every day web and content storage need, our block storage, combined with our premium VPS product line should be the most ideal fit!
  • Budget VPS (Entry/Inter):
    • Powered by slightly "weaker" cpu, (Still xeon processors that are not from the 90's.).
    • Fast primary SSD Storage
    • Free Second HDD storage (Inter) .
    • Not customizable. Plans are exactly as it is.
    • Fair share cpu policy applies.
    • Great entry level vps that gets the job done!
  • Premium Ryzen and NVME powered VPS:
    • These are our flagship VPS line up! 
    • Powered by blazing fast combination of AMD Ryzen CPU and NVME SSD storage.
    • Ample room for customization. Scalable resources that can be molded to fit your need.
    • Fair share cpu policy applies.
    • For most of our standard and savvy users, this has been proven to be the perfect solution.
  • vDedi:
    • Includes all the benefit of our Premium VPS lineup, but with dedicated Ryzen vCores. 
    • You won't be slowed down because of a noisy neighbor and you won't have to worry about using "too much" resource.
    • This has also been recommended as the best VPS line up by many Forex Experts and brokers that works with us.

Curious to know our CPU usage policy and want to know when it is too much? Click here to learn more about our CPU usage policy. 

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